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Picture of GXF-S5


2.75 gal. shortening capacity, Cooks up to 60 pounds of french fries an hour, 5.7 kW power output, stainless steel construction, Ventless Air Filtration with NO costly HEPA filters, nine (9) programmable cook cycles, fully self-contained fire extinguishing system, Non-stick coated basket for easy clean-up.

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Offer those deep-fried menu favorites as easy as Ready..Set..Go! with the XPRESS FRY Automatic Electric Fryer. Designed for convenient counter-top operation, it features Ventless Air Cleaning and is fully enclosed for ultimate safety. No exposed hot shortening, No splash, No splatter.

The XPRESS FRY has a 2.75 gal. shortening capacity and the fry vat features convenient drain valve and is completely removable for cleaning. The XPRESS FRY GFX-S5 has an available output of 5.7 kW. Stainless steel construction makes for a sleek look, long life and easy cleaning. Efficient Ventless Air filtration and aroma control is achieved with use of only two (2) economical filters. No costly HEPA filters or venting to the outside required. The user-friendly XPRESS FRY controller provides nine (9) programmable cook cycle presets and an automatic "Cool Mode" feature. Ultimate safety is one of the key features of XPRESS FRY. Fully self-contained fire extinguishing system features a large extinguisher tank for an added measure of fire safety. Non-stick coated basket makes for easy clean-up. 


Cooks Up to 60 Pounds of French Fries and Hour!

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GXF-S 04.05.16 4/5/2016 4/5/2099 Download
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GXF-S MANUAL 6/20/2016 6/20/2099 Download