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What Challenge Are You Confronted With?

Want to expand your menu and add another oven or fryer but lack space beneath the conventional hood you thought would serve you for years?

Giles Ventless Hoods may be a perfect solution.

Lacking the floor space to add the equipment your operation requires to keep pace with your growing business needs?

Our Ventless Countertop Hoods may help utilize available kitchen space.

Structural modifications to install conventional kitchen ventilation systems may send costs through the roof. Giles ventless technology could save you time and money.

A Giles Ventless Hood may be a smart alternative for limited/light duty commercial cooking applications.

Need to place a fryer, oven or cooktop in a location where it is impractical to set up a traditional venting system?

Giles Ventless Hood products could make your plans a reality.

See our line of Ventless Hoods or Ventless Fryers.
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Giles Ventless Technology

Giles ventless technology may offer you quick, easy, cost-effective ventilation solutions for limited/light duty food service applications where structural modifications are difficult, expensive or prohibited.

In 1988, we patented the revolutionary Giles Ductless Ventilation Technology for fryers and hoods to help free small batch, low volume, commercial cooking operators from the need to install traditional vent systems.

How Does Our Innovative Ventless Filtration System Work?

A High-efficiency Baffle Filter captures large grease particulate. The stainless steel Filter is hinged for easy cleaning.
B Electrostatic Air Cleaner electrostatically captures and collects fine grease and smoke particulate from the air stream.
C Charcoal Filter helps control cooking odors while entrapping any remaining grease particles before the air is recirculated.

Model GVH-C
Provides effective, three stage cleaning in a space-saving countertop package.

Giles Ventless Fryer Three Stage Cleaning