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Stainless Steel Counter Bases


Portable Base [PUP]

All Stainless Steel Construction
Wrap-Around Flange Shields Warmer
5" Swivel Casters For Easy Portability
Front Bumper Guard Across Entire Face

Giles Portable PUP Base is a stainless steel base, equipped with locking casters, specifically designed to securely hold a GHM-C Heated Merchandiser. A must have for any deli or other food service operation ... this stand-alone unit easily places a display warmer in desirable sales locations. Available in lengths to accommodate all of the various GHM-C sizes.

  • All-stainless steel construction ... brushed finish.
  • Wrap-around Flange shields Warmer and allows the Base to be use for a warmer with the counter-top legs installed
  • 5” Swivel Casters for easy portability ... locking brakes stabilize unit when in use.
  • Front Bumper Guard across entire face.

** Heated Merchandiser sold separately **