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Breading & Batter Table


BBT-O [Open Cabinet-style]

Complete Prep System
Boost Productivity
All Stainless Steel Construction
Fresh Chicken Prep Made Easy

Preparing fresh chicken for frying was never simpler and quicker than with a Giles Breading and Batter Station. This unique food preparation system consolidates everything needed to prepare fresh foods into a single portable unit. Constructed of durable stainless steel and an open concept design makes cleaning a breeze.

  • Canted Shelf … holds a container of fresh cut chicken (or other product), within easy reach, ready for breading application.
  • Stainless steel Breading Mix Pan, 13” x 20” x 8” deep. Features a discharge hole in the pan bottom (with removable plug) makes easy work of dumping used breading directly into a manual sifter pan below.
  • Stainless steel Batter Dip Pan, 13” x 20” x 6” deep.
  • Large hand-held Dipping Basket holds several pieces of product while dipping them directly into the batter mixture … then simply tip basket to dump pieces into the breading mix. Basket hangs conveniently between pans when not using. An optional spring-loaded Dipping Basket is also available … it fits inside the batter pan and is hinged for easily dumping product into breading mix.
  • 14” x 22” Staging Tray … clip-on, mounts without tools on either side of cabinet. Stage product after breading application, ready for the fryer. Breading mix fall-off is contained and directed back into pan.
  • Manual Sifter system for reclaiming used breading mix. Sifter located under Breading Pan, above a plastic tote … when ready to sift, remove pan plug to dump breading directly into sifter … a few shakes and breading is sifted into tote; ready for continued use.
  • Unit is provided with two (2) Plastic Totes , one (1) Plastic Lid, and one (1) Plastic Colander.