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Portable Oil Caddy



Safe & Efficient
No Electricity Required
Stainless Steel Construction
Convenient/Easy to Use

The Giles Portable Oil Caddy is a durable, sturdy, container for safely handling waste cooking oil. Pump used cooking oil from the fryer directly into the welded stainless steel tank of the Oil Caddy for easy transport to a recycle location for disposal. The perfect way to handle waste oil.

  • Oil capacity of 80 lbs. … approximately two medium-size fryers.
  • Manual rotary Pump … easily handles fairly clean, warm oil, either fresh or used. Pump operates in either direction for discharge from tank or reverse to provide suction at the hose Wand.
  • No electrical outlet or cumbersome extension cords are needed.
  • Large 8” wheels provide easy maneuverability.