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Large Capacity
Offers Menu Versatility
Proven Ventless Technology
On-Board Oil Filtration & Fire Protection
KitchenTrac® Remote Monitoring Available

The WOG Multi-Purpose Ventless Fryer easily fulfills all your frying needs … chicken, seafood, French fries, vegetables & much more. Large capacity vat with plenty of cooking power, provides rapid temperature recovery leading to shorter cooking times for more savings. The integral ventless recirculating hood opens up food service opportunities where traditional ducted vent hoods are impractical, prohibited, or simply too costly.

  • 19” square vat … 20 kW cooking power … 24" overall cabinet width for efficient use of floorspace … needs less than 87” ceiling height.
  • Custom Computer Controller … Dual timer, programmable cooking presets for up to 50 menu items, Auto-Cool mode, Force-Filter function, Boil-Out program, password security option & multiple display language selections.
  • Integral ventless hood features a proven sustainable electrostatic air cleaning & odor control system. Includes filter cleaning timer to help operators maintain optimum hood performance.
  • Self-contained Ansul R102 Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System in the hood ... factory-installed except for fusible link detectors, suppressant chemical & firing cartridge. Final field installation & certification must be performed by an authorized Ansul agent … customer provided, not included with purchase.
  • On-board oil filtration system features powerful 1/2 hp pump for quick & efficient filtering cycles.
  • 5” heavy-duty casters provide portability - front casters with locking brakes.
  • Oil capacity: holds 70 lbs. (31.7 kg) liquid frying shortening.
  • Product capacity (ref. only): 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) French fries every 5 minutes.