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Banked Electric Open Fryer



Split Vat
Ultra High Volume
On-Board Oil Filtration
Menu Versatility
KitchenTrac Remote Monitoring Available

Step-up your productivity even higher and ‘bank’ additional profits with an up-sized banked Electric Open Fryer system. This EOF Fryer is specifically designed for the ultra-high volume foodservice operation where it is important to cook large quantities of food quickly and efficiently; this configuration is the ‘ultimate’ in product capacity. Unique split-vat concept provides a 3-well Fryer system.

  • Features (2)-10” Vats, a built-in Dump Station, and (2)-24” Vats in a single banked battery. 10" vats are independent Fryer wells, no potential for flavor transfer when cooking a diverse menu.
  • Built-in Dump Station makes unloading and handling cooked product convenient and easy.
  • Frying power: 10” Vats have 12 kW each … 24” Vats have 30 kW each.
  • Oil capacity: 10” Vats hold 57.5 lbs (26.1 kg) each … 24” Vats hold 170 lbs (77.1 kg) each.
  • Product capacity (ref. product: 8-way cut, bone-in chicken): 10” Vats cook 12 to 15 lbs (5.4 > 6.8 kg) each … 24" Vats cook 36 to 42 lbs (16.3 > 19.1 kg) each.
  • Fast temperature recovery helps minimize cooking cycle times ... oil quickly reheats to cooking temperature after fresh product is loaded, helping to reduce oil saturation.
  • Computer Controllers with intuitive operator interface, features 50 programmable Menu Item cook cycle presets (including cooking temperature on 10” wells), dual basket Timers on 24” unit, Auto-Cool Mode, Force-Filter prompt, Boil-Out function, password security option, and multiple language selections.
  • Auto-Basket Lifts are a standard feature on each of the 10” vats and can optionally be added to the 24” fryer as well.
  • Central on-board oil filtration system features powerful ½ HP Pump for quick and efficient filtering; single Filter Pan serves all units.
  • Heavy-duty casters; front casters lock.